A Healthcare System based on ancient principles going back more than 2500 years.

Research supports what those who tried it already knew from their own experience:
Acupuncture works, in many cases instantly.

It is based on a positive model of health. Physical and emotional imbalances, such as pain, illness, or feeling unwell are recognised as signs of theSpleen Channel individual being out of their natural balance.

A network of 12 main channels with more than 365 points is understood to cover the body. By accessing these channels and points acupuncture addresses any underlying blocks and imbalances by using ultra-fine needles and further supporting techniques. An individual’s balance can thus be restored, helping to treat most health problems.

Many seek acupuncture for specific symptoms or conditions, acute or chronic. As a preventative measure, acupuncture has been known over centuries to Moxa on Clienthelp maintain good health and enhance well-being, even when simply feeling below par without a certain diagnosis.

Read more on latest research on acupuncture for treating particular conditions from Allergies to Fertility or Vertigo: British Acupuncture Council fact sheets.